My name is Debra Torger.  I am a mixed media artist living in Sarasota, Florida.  I also model at Ringling College of Art and Design.

I am originally from Virginia and graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor degree in Art Education.  After graduating, I moved to San Francisco and worked as a sign maker and graphic artist.  After years of living in the city, I moved to Hawaii and lived in rural Kauai and the Big Island.  In Hawaii, it was easy to be inspired by music, landscapes, flowers and the people.  I lived there for ten years.

In 1999, I moved to Sarasota, Florida.  Sarasota, with its beautiful geography, also provides much inspiration for my artwork.  In 2011, I developed an art program at Community Haven.  Community Haven now has a permanent art program where clients can explore their creativity.   The Haven has shown work in venues like the APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) office in St. Petersburg, and the Unitarian Universalist Church of Sarasota.  I also helped to develop and install the  art gallery at Community Haven, where you can see beautiful expressive artwork.

My paintings are bold and colorful and my art doll puppets are full of life.  My artwork is influenced by the places I have lived, the people I have known and a wild imagination.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, or if you have any questions, please contact me by email at debratorger@gmail.com or telephone at (941) 549-0286.  Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Senior,
    I’m happy to hear you and your wife like my artwork. I’d love to tell you more about the piece you’re interested in. Can you give me the title? I’m not sure which one you’re referring to. Under the Fiber Art and Paintings tabs I should have everything titled. The painting on top of my home page is called Queen, the full image is in the paintings page. The doll at the bottom of my home page is Jane and her story can be found in the fiber arts page. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much. Kind regards, Debra

  2. I have spent part of this afternoon looking over your work. While I almost always like something in every artists collection , it is seldom that I like the majority of a collection , as I do yours. I f I ever make it to Sarasota ( Houston here ) I would love to see one of your showings. 🙂

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